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We help people live healthier, happier, and longer.

Our Vision

We help people live healthier, happier and longer.

Our Mission

We provide reliable healthcare solutions through innovation, technological advancement and commitment to quality.

Our Values


Doing what is right for our clients is at the heart of all our actions and decisions. We believe so strongly in this that we always demand integrity in the people we work with.

Drive for excellence

We value people who have an innate drive for excellence in everything they do. This means doing things correctly the first time and on time every time.


We’re accountable to all our clients who have placed their trust in us, and to each other as a part of the Cordlife family. We take responsibility for our work and, to the greatest extent possible, correct any mistakes in a timely manner.


We’re stronger when we work together across disciplines and boundaries. Together, we cooperate, communicate, and collaborate so that, as a team, we can go above and beyond our clients’ needs.


We take the lead in getting the job done. We pledge to be agile, and to make decisions with our clients in mind. We strive to innovate and generate new ideas in order to achieve long-term growth.

Our Employee Value Proposition

We believe that delivering holistic and innovative healthcare solutions to families begins with fostering a progressive and meaningful work culture for our people.

Trusted by more than 600,000 parents in Asia.

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